Dimitris Raftopoulos

EU Project Manager, ECWT
20 years
Track record :
More than 200 projects from various funding sources

Personal Information

Dimitris Raftopoulos operates as a Project Manager for EU Affairs at ECWT. He has 20 years of experience in the areas of conceptualization, design, implementation, management, and evaluation of European Projects. He has deep knowledge of niche Human Resources Concepts such as Chaordic Leadership, Gender Diversity, and Digital Jobs. He also has a track record of more than 200 projects from various funding sources.

He has dedicated his professional experience to human and entrepreneurial development with a focus on combating gender segregation issues in the working environment and increasing women’s employability through reskilling and upskilling. Dimitris held several managerial roles and participated in various Board of Directors and Scientific Committees.

He publishes regularly on the topics of “The Digital Agenda” and “Women’s Entrepreneurship”. Being a social person with a diverse set of skills, he has given several presentations and been quoted a number of times in the media.

Personal Quote:
Try not to become a person of success, but rather try to become a person of value.