Nadia Katsanou

Scientific Expert in Telecommunications
Serving the telecom sector in various positions for 25 years.
PhD grant from the JRC Euratom Center

Personal Information

Co-coordinator of EUROPE (CEPT) Network of Women for ITU WRC, Senior Scientific Expert in Spectrum (EETT). 

Nadia is a Scientific Expert in Telecommunications and Spectrum at the Greek Regulator, EETT. She is serving the telecom sector in various positions for 25 years. Currently, she has been appointed as one of the co-coordinators of the CEPT (Europe) Network of Women for World Radio Conference (ITU-R initiative). She is also co-chairing the Subgroup on WRC-23 for the EC, preparing the Final Opinion for EU-positions on Agenda Items of WRC-23 with relevance to EU-policies in order to assist the European Commission in formulating proposals for a Council Decision. In her engagements are 5G issues (roll-out of 5G networks, member of the EETT’s team for preparing the auction of 5G spectrum bands, participating at EU subgroups and several European initiatives dealing with 5G), preparation work for the World Radiocommunications Conference 2023 (WRC-23 ITU-R).

She has also served as an advisor to the General Secretary of Telecommunications and Post (GGTT), for policy matters concerning spectrum issues (responsible for the elaboration of the National 5G roadmap for Greece, ITU and WRC’s, Digital Dividends, International spectrum coordination, C-ITS (CAD – automated and connected driving), ITU Plenipotentiary Conference 2018 and World Radiocommunications Conference -19). Jointly with ITU, she was in charge of the co-organization of the ITU Forum “Towards 5G Enabled Gigabit Society“, held in Athens, 11 – 12 October 2018. This forum focused on opportunities related to 5G and challenges to be addressed in infrastructure roll-out, spectrum management, and broadcasting. While referring to the vision of turning Europe into a Gigabit Society by 2025.

She was for several years a member of the European Commission network «TEAM EUROPE» representing electronic communications in Greece. She has been the Initiator and partner of the Grand Coalition « Women and Girls Go Digital in Greece ». She is a cooperative researcher -expert in R&D projects focused on telecommunications and advanced, communications technologies and services at the National Center for Scientific Research “Demokritos” (NCSR “D”), Netmedia Laboratory. She has also worked for several years on R&D projects, coordinator, and technical responsible. She holds a master’s degree from the University of Paris in Expert Systems and a Ph.D. grant from the JRC Euratom Center on Distributed Artificial Intelligence.

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