Tariq Qureishy

Founder & CEO, Xponential & MAD Group
he has done over 300 keynotes & 1500 interviews
As a global celebrity futurist speaker, Humanitarian
Degree in Economics - Harvard Business School 1998 alum

Personal Information

Futurist, Corporate CEO, Finance, Tech & Media Professional, Entrepreneur, International Celebrity Speaker, Humanitarian.

Tariq is currently the Co-Founder/CEO of Xponential, a “Future Readiness” & foresight platform which enables & executes transformational methodology and concepts to create “exponential organizations” for the future. He is also the Founder/CEO of MAD Talks Group in 2016, an integrated digital media and visual storytelling platform, focused on the future of leadership, innovation & 10x thinking.

He is a leading financial & tech business professional focused on organizational & business transformation, both business and leadership at the board & strategy level for large organizations. He also supports young companies on Fintech & related services, tech & AI & another major tech. & business platforms.  He has helped to launch major products and strategies and is a respected communications expert & marketer.

As a global celebrity futurist speaker, he has done over 300 keynotes & 1500 interviews. He specializes in talks about the future, transformation, innovation & metamorphosis. Particularly relevant post-COVID 19, where he is helping companies through the current crisis. He also speaks on finance 5.0, energy, technology v humanity, the brain, moon-shot thinking, AI for good & others with practical business solutions.

He has a degree in Economics and is a Harvard Business School 1998 alum. Also Board member and specializing in future and media/content activities for HBS Club GCC. He is the founder of 100% MAD, a not-for-profit initiative to democratize philanthropy using the digital ecosystem. MAD is “Make A Difference”, his mission for humanity.

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