Tarja Castel

Founder & Visionaire, Moxworld.org
Ten years as an entrepreneur in sustainable

Personal Information

Tarja Castel, founder, and Visionaire at Moxworld promotes new and better ways to grow life-loving businesses on the scale. Ten years as an entrepreneur in sustainable luxury fashion & brand consulting services lead to the next thing: creating strategies, concepts, and communications for businesses that care. Believing that caring companies should grow, that being responsible should not only matter but also be profitable and financially sustainable.

Tarja is a nomad at heart as well as at her lifestyle. She lives half of her time in Helsinki and spends the other half of her life experiencing strange corners of the world making them her home.  She believes that artificial, and often outdated, rules and ways of thinking are made for questioning, in order to create room for the new. Trust is a matter of decision and excellence in our insurance.

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